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"Working one-on-one with your model is an irreplaceable experience"

Having worked alongside journalists performing challenging interviews, taken portraits of politicians with busy schedules, even when working with a designated hour for photographing, portraiture is always demanding of craft, efficiency, professionalism and personality. I have grown, personally and creatively, through my opportunities to capture portraits of some truly inspirational and influential people in various circumstances, during my time photographing. When dipping into my execution of this photographic form, I kindly ask you to observe the array of lighting sources and environments which grasp or humble the image's character. Although this field of photography may at first appear to lack the adrenaline rush of the battlefield, I still find joy in the search for what each new scene will bring. Wether thrown into a creatively restricting or empowering environment, working one on one with your model is an irreplaceable experience.

All rights reserved to the Finnish Defence Forces

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