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"Daily dives into the 'unknown waters' of a constantly changing and contrasting environment"

Working as a photographer for the Finnish Military Press (the Ruotuväki) you encounter a vast scale of challenging photographic scenarios on a daily basis. The ticking time pressure of a 30 second long exposure, on a winters night, blindfolded by the thick dark air of the Finnish countryside demands all eyes on target. The confidence to move toward action, to go out of your way for the permission  to take your luck at the 'money shot'. When the final image relies solely on the steadiness of your freezing hands, gripping tight to the camera, with the thin hope the subject is still in frame as you had envisaged through the thickening darkness. From observing a reconnaissance officer, overlooking the invisible nighttime forest, to photographing the Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, shaking hands with NATO's second Highest Ranking officer, in the comfort of his warm office. These daily dives into the 'unknown waters' of a constantly changing and contrasting environment makes the fear of the unknown, of ones own ability, more common than the comfort of your own home, 2.5 thousand kilometers away. Here are some of my favourite pieces from my time there, documenting stories of cooperation between western allies, to expeditions, working alongside troops, themselves approaching some of their biggest tasks yet.

All rights reserved to the Finnish Defence Forces

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