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Having built my passion from a hobby into a business as a teenager, while studying. I  learnt first hand over the last 5 years, just how important image is. Be it business, personal or brand image. Image is everywhere, and so are images. I have had the chance to photograph some of the most influential figures in Finnish Politics and Media. Yet  my purpose has always stayed the same. It is my job to present your image authentically. it is my aim to do so, using more than just a photo.

Five seems to be my lucky number. In theme, when I was eleven I underwent 5 years of professional training in the same performing arts school as Kate Winlset. I often share that my biggest takeaway has been my understanding of how important creativity and adaptability is, in almost every situation. The photographic experience is no different. Being able to produce stunning images and staying positive, even in the most demanding environments, is at the core of what makes me 'Me'.

And I'm not just saying it as a cheap marketing slogan. I've got the evidence to back it. Having worked in almost all conditions imaginable during my time in the Finnish Defence Forces News Magazine, the Ruotuväki, a positive outlook was a blessing in disguise. Over night I could be photographing live action in a pitch-black winter forest, where I couldn’t see who I was photographing with my own eyes . In the morning I’d be conducting fast-paced photoshoots with leaders of Finnish Politics. These experiences have taught me a great deal about the importance of a level head and a smile, even when faced with the biggest challenges of my career. While the final image is important, it's the photographic experience that truly sets apart a good photo from great photography

With every project, I aim to deliver unique results. I approach all of my work with a solidified strategy, drawn from the understanding that every photo requires specific attention to detail. Capturing a striking image, is essentially to capture a powerful moment in all its glory. I wholeheartedly believe that with the right approach, your image has the power to strikingly express you and your brand's integrity. 


Mikko Ilkko

Editor-in-Chief of The Ruotuväki - Vice President of the European Military Press Association

"I highly recommend Tomi for taking on challenging photography tasks. He is able to capture the atmosphere of situations, utilizing facial expressions, movement, and backgrounds in his photos"

The Experience
is as important as the final image... 

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