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  Which photograph is my favourite?
The one I’m going to take tomorrow. the inspirational photographer, Imogen Cunningham, famously said. I somewhat live by this quote. Yet I’d like to emphasise the importance of understanding yesterday, when we begin to look into what tomorrow may bring. In keep with this idea, here’s a brief timeline of what makes my photographs of  tomorrow also my favourites.


Car Lover 


   Most photographers will tell you: “I loved photography the moment I purchased/was given my first camera in [insert year from their childhood]”. However, I didn’t and quite frankly what a dreadful cliche to introduce your life-long passion and career with.  Instead, my love of photography surprisingly stems from an, at the time almost debilitating, love of all things cars. In fact, the only reason I bought my first camera was to take photos of just that - supercars! At the time, I had zero care for what camera, lens or settings I was using. As long as the photo featured my favourite four-wheeled gas-guzzler, my job was complete.




Car spotting quickly became my favourite pass-time. I was constantly in search of 200mph racing machines to photograph in their least natural habitat... the streets of London.


My Instagram was starting to draw a lot of attention too and soon I found myself focusing a lot of my time and attention on finding the most awe-inspiring ways to capture a car’s portrait - at least that was my ultimate dream! Until then I had just been taking snapshots. Now, I was trying to make artwork.



Lover to...

Photography Fanatic.

Although it didn't happen quite as fast as I make out, to spare you the boring details (and your time!), my love of cars slowly evolved into a passion for photography and I was taking my camera to more places than just the road...


Okay, so maybe I hadn't entirely lost my love for cars, but I was focusing a lot more on composition and on the aesthetic of my photos, as a whole.


For example, the photo to the right wasn't motivated by me wanting to capture a cool car, although it might look that way. Instead, I wanted to tell a story. I wanted to capture the blue shadows contrasting with the strong midsummer sunlight. I wanted to draw parallels between the angular shadows and the architecture. Complete with the accenting chrome details on an otherwise dark car, which mirrored the harsh lighting of the scene. I was now focusing less so on the subject (though it still played a role) and more on the many components which tie an image into a beautiful whole.

IMG_0362 (1).JPG

My pets have always been a great inspiration

My pets have always been a great inspiration


The Coast Guard Cottages, Seaford, U.K.

There hasn't been a place I've gone where I haven't had my camera with me... if there was, my phone would usually surpass. 

As the great Jay Maisel quote goes:

"the best camera is the one you have with you"

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